Things To Know About Car Storage Facilities

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Services-960x280-copyLeaving your car behind while you’re on a trip or just away from your house is something that everyone faces at a certain point. It’s okay if you have your own garage and someone who can take care of your car in your absence. But what if you don’t have that option to rely on?

There are public vehicle storage facilities that you may use. So here’s a quick guide to know about these facilities and what car parking options they provide.

Outdoor Parking Facility:

The first and one of the cheapest parking facility type you’ll likely to have is an outdoor parking facility in every public storage service. Basically, these are the open parking lots that they have inside their building. This type of parking facility is also considered as a low-priced option to park your car.

But the downside here is that your car can be at risk if you park it in open space. The first risk element is the sunlight then there’s climate thread that exists. With continuous contact of sunlight, your car may look older soon. Or it might be possible to get a rusty body on your return.

However, you may use a nice body cover to stay away from this situation but it is advised to consider some other option instead of saving money.

Covered Car Parking Facility:

The other option for parking your vehicle is a covered car parking facility that you usually get in every parking service’s premises. Actually, this is an upgraded form of above-mentioned parking option. The basic difference between the two is simply that former is open to sunlight and the later is covered with a shelter to protect your car.

This type of car parking facility is a little expensive but eliminates some of the risks your car might get in open space. For instance, the car stays away from direct contact of sunlight under the shelter. This also helps you to protect your car’s look and feel. But the other risks persist in this type of parking option.

The car might not get affected by the sunlight but it still faces weather threats and climate effects.

Indoor Vehicle Parking Facility:

The best type to choose for your car when you’re away for months or years is the indoor vehicle parking facility. A reliable parking service like Autovault offers this type of service to ensure your car’s safety for a longer time period. This is basically the covered area inside the building that every parking service has. Your car stays safe inside the building from various threats as mentioned above. If you want to try it out then visit

However, it is an expensive option to go with as compared to the previous two parking options mentioned above. But choosing this facility over open space or covered parking lots minimizes the risks for your car. In the first place, your car stays away from negative effects of direct sunlight. Secondly, it stays away from climate threats that might damage your car in open spaces or otherwise. So choose wisely between these parking options when you’re going to stay abroad for a longer time period. If you’re renting a car from a company like Supercar Hire making sure it is as safe as possible is essential an indoor parking facility would do just that.

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