10 myths of the Mann-Filter

Mann-filters are quite important in everyday uses for various industries. But as far as such devices are concerned, there are numerous myths.

Similar to other products, which are used extensively in various sectors, man-filters also have a number of myths, which are trusted by many people. Here are the top 10 myths, which are related to such items. This info have been bought to you from PMJ compressor spare parts – a reliable source for all your needs.

Myth 1

The same kind of filter paper is not used in cheap and high quality filter Mann-filters. There are numerous manufacturers in the market, and high quality is given with the high-quality filters.

Myth 2

You should always try to buy a new filter, if the old one seems to malfunction. Brushing the old one is not going to give you better performance, and purchasing a new one is the best option.

Myth 3

You should always side to find the number, which is related to Mann-filters. The matching of size and thread is not always important to choose the best one.

Myth 4

If you purchase a high quality Mann-filter, it will definitely work great. The low-quality ones and the high quality ones will never give you the same performance.

Myth 5

High-quality Mann-filters produced with high quality materials. You should check the details. Never pay importance to the advertisements.

Myth 6

Oil filters and air filters are not the same. Thus, you should always go for the best Mann-filters, which are available within your budget, for proper running of your car.

Myth 7

Even if you keep a car for a short period of time, you should have Mann-filters. They are filters will not give you a good performance compared to those of Mann-filters.

Myth 8

Purchasing cheap Mann-filters quite often cannot give you the same performance as the expensive Mann-filters. You should always go for the best one.

Myth 9

If the oil pressure light goes out quickly, it doesn’t mean that the Mann-filter is of good quality. You should check the overall performance.

Myth 10

You do not need to change your oil filter, with every time you inspect your vehicle. It is completely irrelevant and a myth.

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5 Facts you have to know about Custom Car Air Fresheners

Image source:  Freshty

Do you want to promote your brand effectively? Well, you should consider using custom car air fresheners as a way of advertising your brand names, schools, companies and agencies. Yes, these fresheners are powerful and effective tool for letting everyone around notice your name. That is the reason why they need to be personalized due to marketing purposes. You can use your company logo, tag lines and products as the design of your fresheners.

  1. Why custom car air fresheners?

Statistics show that there are over thousands of people who use custom car air fresheners as an advertising tool. These promotional items are not expensive but they are really effective to achieve your marketing goals. They will promote your brand with ultimate uniqueness. If the daily commuters will not just see it; they will be attracted not just by design but also to the fragrance it gives. These people who have seen and smell it would remember what you are advertising precisely.

  1. How long does it take to print air fresheners?

The production of your orders depend on the volume, the shape, size and the design of your personalized air fresheners. The standard shape and size will take about an estimated time of two weeks for it to finish. Again, it depends on the volume. Now, if you want to have a rush order, then you can have rush production options that will finish sooner than the estimated time of completion. This rush production will cost you extra fee which cost around £50 plus VAT extra. Take note that this option is subject to availability and it only applies to standard shapes only.

  1. What happens when the production is 100% completed?

Once the production is finished, then that is the time that the fresheners will be delivered to you via courier. The delivery time depends on the area where you are in.

  1. How long does a typical freshener last?

If you remove the wrapper completely from the item, the aroma will last at around 20 days. But take note, that this life span is possible under appropriate conditions. There is a good trick in making the smell of your custom car air fresheners last; this is to remove only a part of the wrapper. To your surprise, the scent could last up to four weeks.

  1. What are the different factors that affect the longevity of your fresheners?

The temperature is one basic factor that decreases the life of your fresheners. The higher the temperature goes, the easier the freshener to lose its fragrance. Which is why the regular use of heater is not advisable in keeping the aroma of your fresheners. Another factor of the fragrance reduction is the dirty car and pollutants present inside the car. Furthermore, driving in an open every time will shorten the life span of your fresheners. As an advice, if these fresheners are left unopened in a cool, dry place, the fresheners can be stored for 2 years or more.

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