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3 Ways For Dealing With Lost Car Keys

lockedautoHaving a car of your own is a blessing in many ways. You can reach anywhere on time without facing a crowd pushing you behind in a public transport and facing difficulty for a vacant seat. Just sit in your car, put the keys and vroom. But what if you lose the keys and the big vehicle is of no use at all without those little pieces of metal? Obviously, it would feel so bad when you’ve lost your car keys and you need to reach somewhere as soon as possible. So what approaches you can turn to when faced a situation like this? Keep on reading to find out how you can tackle the situation as stated above.

Contact Vehicle Dealer:

The first thing that would hit anyone’s mind when the keys have been lost somewhere is to contact and try obtaining new keys of their car from the person they’ve purchased it. Yes, every car dealer offers this service of getting a new car key set in place of your old, or I must say lost, car keys. So you may call them up and place your order right away. But before you pick up the phone and start dialing the number, you should understand that this approach may cost you more.

Especially important if you loose your car key to your rented supercar!

Each dealer manufactures keys with their logo on it and that’s why they charge a bit more. So when contacting a dealer, you should keep this thing in mind that you might be over charged for getting a new key for your car. You may ask for any discounts that they offer to reduce the cost, but it is advised to prepare your mind for a heavy amount for just those little pieces of metal.

Approach A Reliable Car Key Provider:

Another way you can go with is to try and contacting a reliable car key provider like Fast Keys. The first reason to turn to a car key provider is that it would save you money that you might spend at your car dealer’s. Another reason for choosing a car key provider is that they offer a long range of services when it comes to keys.

They have expertise in this particular industry and offer competitive prices as compared to a car dealer. Give them a call, place your order and get your keys in shortest possible time. It is also wise to choose a car key provider rather than going to a car dealer’s because they don’t ask you to tow your car and spend money on this phase as well. they have certain arrangements to take all the necessary requirements to get you new keys for your car.

Get A Key Yourself:

Another approach that you might turn to is get your keys manually without involving above mentioned parties. You know how your car keys used to look and have all the information like VIN number, car make and model etc. So you may roll up your sleeves and collect all the necessary parts you require to get your new keys. After collecting them, you may simply approach a locksmith and ask him to fix them so you can get your new car keys. Even if this approach is cost effective but involves too much time at your end. So decide wisely which option to go with.

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