The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Mechanics

If you are planning to be a car mechanic, read this post before you go any further. Here are some of the worst stories heard about mechanics –  prepare to be baffled.


Prius Doesn’t Need Oil Since It Doesn’t Have An Engine

Did you ever hear that the Prius does not have an engine? This was found out by a mechanic when she went to repair her car.Her response to a question asked by the repair worker was, Prius does not have a motor so there is no question of changing oils. Prius, however, is known to have an engine and that is why the loudest noise comes up when you are on the go.

Trying to vacuum gas out of a beetle

A man once tried to vacuum gas out of the VW beetle. Just after some time, he heard a loud explosion in the middle  and it was found out that he was trying to siphon gas out of his VW and thought that using a vacuum would definitely be a good idea. What a worst story by a mechanic.

Brakes Are A Little Spongy

There was a customer who came to the shop and said that her brakes were a little spongy.The mechanic tried on the car and there was this grinding noise and this was what the lady thought as spongy brakes. Weird, isn’t it?

Le Baron Into Ravine

There are mechanics who really don’t know how manual transmissions operate. This is really scary. A gentleman came in with a rock blasting radio while the oil and the filter were being changed. The oil and the filter were changed and the fluids were well checked , the windshield was also washed. When the time came to ignite the engine, the  mechanic leaned in, twisted the key and the bay door of the car sprung open and the car rolled down into the ravine.

When Will I Need To Fix This? Now

There was a car where the driver side front wheel was a full sized spare that was held by one lug nut and 3 of the studs were already missing.When asked about it, the owner said, she’d had a flat 2 months earlier on that wheel and that her son had changed it for her. When taken to the shop, the owner asked when she had to fix the problems and the mechanic order today and now itself.

Con Rods Put A Hole In The Side Of The Block

A car was making a terrible sound  and the Honda Accord was followed by that noise, a large fluid dump and steam as well. The car probably needed a tune up.The car was taken to the mechanic, they made a hole in the side of the block, and a pool of remnant spread out from the car. There was oil under the cam cover and when the mechanic was asked about the oil, he showed receipts wherein changes had been done. Whoops Wheel Fix It is one of the best car repair shops for your car – visit their sire for more worst stories on mechanics!

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10 myths of the Mann-Filter

Mann-filters are quite important in everyday uses for various industries. But as far as such devices are concerned, there are numerous myths.

Similar to other products, which are used extensively in various sectors, man-filters also have a number of myths, which are trusted by many people. Here are the top 10 myths, which are related to such items. This info have been bought to you from PMJ compressor spare parts – a reliable source for all your needs.

Myth 1

The same kind of filter paper is not used in cheap and high quality filter Mann-filters. There are numerous manufacturers in the market, and high quality is given with the high-quality filters.

Myth 2

You should always try to buy a new filter, if the old one seems to malfunction. Brushing the old one is not going to give you better performance, and purchasing a new one is the best option.

Myth 3

You should always side to find the number, which is related to Mann-filters. The matching of size and thread is not always important to choose the best one.

Myth 4

If you purchase a high quality Mann-filter, it will definitely work great. The low-quality ones and the high quality ones will never give you the same performance.

Myth 5

High-quality Mann-filters produced with high quality materials. You should check the details. Never pay importance to the advertisements.

Myth 6

Oil filters and air filters are not the same. Thus, you should always go for the best Mann-filters, which are available within your budget, for proper running of your car.

Myth 7

Even if you keep a car for a short period of time, you should have Mann-filters. They are filters will not give you a good performance compared to those of Mann-filters.

Myth 8

Purchasing cheap Mann-filters quite often cannot give you the same performance as the expensive Mann-filters. You should always go for the best one.

Myth 9

If the oil pressure light goes out quickly, it doesn’t mean that the Mann-filter is of good quality. You should check the overall performance.

Myth 10

You do not need to change your oil filter, with every time you inspect your vehicle. It is completely irrelevant and a myth.

mann filter

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What to look for in the best oil filter for your car

A good car can only be the car that is being well taken care of, and the people taking good care of their cars need to know what to do and how to help in in any situation. Most people know how to fix the usual glitches and breaks in a car, and a lot of people also know how to replace an oil filter as well, but picking up exactly the right oil filter for your car is something not many people can do. But, they ought to know it, because it is an important thing in making sure that your car runs smoothly and that nothing’s wrong with it. And that is why we have decided to give you some tips that should help you learn what it is you ought to look for when selecting an oil filter for your car.

Read the manual

This may seem like one of those generic tips, like “turn it off and on again”, but this truly is one of the best tips that you can get. The manual should have it all written out for you, and there you can learn more about your car and its oil filter than in any other place. There, you can learn when you are due to change the oil, and this should indicate to you what kind of an oil filter you ought to get.

Don’t let the price decide

Sure, some oil filters cost a lot, but you shouldn’t let the price decide if you’re going to get it or not. You might get a cheaper one, but it is definitely going to break down a lot quicker, and then you’ll have to pay for an oil filter again. The biggest price difference between an economic and a premium oil filter lays somewhere around 5 US Dollars – you shouldn’t let this small of a difference be the judge into what kind of an oil filter you ought to get: a good one or a bad one.

Pick filters with synthetic filtering media
Most people aren’t that sure about what this synthetic filtering media is, but here we are to answer it for you – it is an element that pretty much filters the oil, as the very name suggests. Most ordinary oil filters are made of cellulose or paper, but these tend to wear off over time, and that is exactly why a synthetic one is the best option.

It can stop the smaller particles that could ruin your car engine that she paper or cellulose just cannot; therefore, it is a much better alternative.

Make sure it fits

Pretty much all the filters look the same, and that can be really deceiving. So, make sure you get the right size of your filter, and you can do this by checking the filter supplier application catalog. Taking that you are doing the maintenance on your own car, you could need a lot of old parts taken away, be sure to check out Neales Removals for this. They have removal services all over, including removals southend. Picking the wrong one will definitely cause some stress and money loss, because you’ll have to go back to the store, and spend money on the filter of the right size. So, buy the right one right away, and don’t waste any time or money.

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5 Facts you have to know about Custom Car Air Fresheners

Image source:  Freshty

Do you want to promote your brand effectively? Well, you should consider using custom car air fresheners as a way of advertising your brand names, schools, companies and agencies. Yes, these fresheners are powerful and effective tool for letting everyone around notice your name. That is the reason why they need to be personalized due to marketing purposes. You can use your company logo, tag lines and products as the design of your fresheners.

  1. Why custom car air fresheners?

Statistics show that there are over thousands of people who use custom car air fresheners as an advertising tool. These promotional items are not expensive but they are really effective to achieve your marketing goals. They will promote your brand with ultimate uniqueness. If the daily commuters will not just see it; they will be attracted not just by design but also to the fragrance it gives. These people who have seen and smell it would remember what you are advertising precisely.

  1. How long does it take to print air fresheners?

The production of your orders depend on the volume, the shape, size and the design of your personalized air fresheners. The standard shape and size will take about an estimated time of two weeks for it to finish. Again, it depends on the volume. Now, if you want to have a rush order, then you can have rush production options that will finish sooner than the estimated time of completion. This rush production will cost you extra fee which cost around £50 plus VAT extra. Take note that this option is subject to availability and it only applies to standard shapes only.

  1. What happens when the production is 100% completed?

Once the production is finished, then that is the time that the fresheners will be delivered to you via courier. The delivery time depends on the area where you are in.

  1. How long does a typical freshener last?

If you remove the wrapper completely from the item, the aroma will last at around 20 days. But take note, that this life span is possible under appropriate conditions. There is a good trick in making the smell of your custom car air fresheners last; this is to remove only a part of the wrapper. To your surprise, the scent could last up to four weeks.

  1. What are the different factors that affect the longevity of your fresheners?

The temperature is one basic factor that decreases the life of your fresheners. The higher the temperature goes, the easier the freshener to lose its fragrance. Which is why the regular use of heater is not advisable in keeping the aroma of your fresheners. Another factor of the fragrance reduction is the dirty car and pollutants present inside the car. Furthermore, driving in an open every time will shorten the life span of your fresheners. As an advice, if these fresheners are left unopened in a cool, dry place, the fresheners can be stored for 2 years or more.

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Top 5 Tips On Choosing The Best Air Compressor

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.30.54

Air compressors have been around for many years, and they have evolved into reliable pieces of equipment. The increased popularity of these machines can be attributed to the fact that they are safe, convenient, clean, and flexible. While it’s true that air compressors come in different sizes and types, almost all of these equipment are indispensable in the applications they serve.

So, you have decided to invest in air compressors. Great! Here are some of the tips on choosing the best portable air compressor:

  1. Put more emphasis on CFM

CFM (cubic feet per minute) describes how fast an air compressor can supply air. Apparently, it is the most crucial number to put into consideration. You definitely do not anticipate a situation where a compressor can hardly supply enough air and you have to stop working as you wait the compressor to catch up. Fortunately, you can easily counter this limitation by putting more emphasis on cfm when purchasing an air compressor—it is the only assurance that the compressor will supply enough air, but you need to carry out accurate tests.

  1. Go for the perfect tank

Most of the compressors that we opt for have tanks that range from 1 to 6 gallons. Compared to a small tank, a large tank will hold more air and will allow you to use this air before the pressure drops. While a large tank can help you avoid putting work on hold as the compressor refills the tank, it is not a substitute to adequate cfm. Come to think of it, if your work calls for a lot of air volume, will the tank size matter? Of course it won’t! You need adequate cfm, period.

  1. Consider noise factor

Most of the compressors that we use range from sixty to eighty-seven decibels. This may not bring out a huge difference to you, but it is important. If you thought that the decibel scale is just like any other scale, then you are wrong. In point of fact, an increase by ten decibels can double the amount of noise. For instance, a machine rated at seventy decibels is twice as loud as a machine rated at sixty decibels. Similarly, an eighty decibels machine will produce four times louder noise than the one rated at sixty decibels. No matter how small a reduction in decibels is, it goes a long way in making a machine pleasant to operate.

  1. Factor in shape and weight

Most people factor in weight when purchasing an air compressor, but forget about the shape. This is not right! When you are buying an air compressor, you’ll want to get something that you are comfortable with. Come to think about it, what if you can get a light and slim unit? Good news—it shall be! However light an air compressor is, if it is wide, then you haven’t solved anything. The point is, factor in both weight and shape when purchasing an air compressor.

  1. Go for an oil-free machine

Almost all of the air compressors we have now are oil-less. This means that you won’t have to worry about checking or changing oil on a regular basis. Although the oil-less compressors may wear out faster than their oil-lubricated counterparts, this should not be an issue with the normal DIY use.

To wrap it up, if you are thinking of investing in an air compressor, the above are some of the tips that you need to know. You can never go wrong if you use these tips.



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3 Ways For Dealing With Lost Car Keys

lockedautoHaving a car of your own is a blessing in many ways. You can reach anywhere on time without facing a crowd pushing you behind in a public transport and facing difficulty for a vacant seat. Just sit in your car, put the keys and vroom. But what if you lose the keys and the big vehicle is of no use at all without those little pieces of metal? Obviously, it would feel so bad when you’ve lost your car keys and you need to reach somewhere as soon as possible. So what approaches you can turn to when faced a situation like this? Keep on reading to find out how you can tackle the situation as stated above.

Contact Vehicle Dealer:

The first thing that would hit anyone’s mind when the keys have been lost somewhere is to contact and try obtaining new keys of their car from the person they’ve purchased it. Yes, every car dealer offers this service of getting a new car key set in place of your old, or I must say lost, car keys. So you may call them up and place your order right away. But before you pick up the phone and start dialing the number, you should understand that this approach may cost you more.

Especially important if you loose your car key to your rented supercar!

Each dealer manufactures keys with their logo on it and that’s why they charge a bit more. So when contacting a dealer, you should keep this thing in mind that you might be over charged for getting a new key for your car. You may ask for any discounts that they offer to reduce the cost, but it is advised to prepare your mind for a heavy amount for just those little pieces of metal.

Approach A Reliable Car Key Provider:

Another way you can go with is to try and contacting a reliable car key provider like Fast Keys. The first reason to turn to a car key provider is that it would save you money that you might spend at your car dealer’s. Another reason for choosing a car key provider is that they offer a long range of services when it comes to keys.

They have expertise in this particular industry and offer competitive prices as compared to a car dealer. Give them a call, place your order and get your keys in shortest possible time. It is also wise to choose a car key provider rather than going to a car dealer’s because they don’t ask you to tow your car and spend money on this phase as well. they have certain arrangements to take all the necessary requirements to get you new keys for your car.

Get A Key Yourself:

Another approach that you might turn to is get your keys manually without involving above mentioned parties. You know how your car keys used to look and have all the information like VIN number, car make and model etc. So you may roll up your sleeves and collect all the necessary parts you require to get your new keys. After collecting them, you may simply approach a locksmith and ask him to fix them so you can get your new car keys. Even if this approach is cost effective but involves too much time at your end. So decide wisely which option to go with.

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Benefits of Chauffeur Driven Cars for Business Travel

vipThe number of vehicles is driving on the road and too many people themselves drive their own vehicle but there is always a safety risk. When you have an experienced driver however you instantly feel more safe .Business executives have to travel all over the world for meetings and other purposes. Whether you have to reach an airport on time or attend some important meetings, the most luxurious and convenient way to travel is by chauffeur driven vehicles. These are not only luxurious but elegant too and offer an exquisite travelling experience. Here we have discussed the benefits of using chauffeured transport for business travel.

Creating the right impression
You may have to travel across cities for meetings with clients and other business purposes. Whether you are arranging transport for your client or attending an important meeting by yourself, corporate chauffeur driven cars is always important to create the right impression for your business. With a corporate chauffeur service, you can create an impressive and truly professional appearance to your clients. The executive high-class vehicle with trained corporate drivers helps to create the best impression on those whom you work with. When it comes to arranging transport for your corporate clients, the best idea is to hire a luxurious chauffeured driven corporate car. This gesture will help you to improve your relation with your clients.

Travel in complete luxury and style without stress
In order to make your travelling more enjoyable and relaxing, you should visit hire chauffeur driven corporate executive vehicles. With comfortable seats, wi- fi access, complimentary drinks and a professional chauffeur who is familiar with the roads, the travelling for business purpose turns into a hassle free affair. If you have to travel for long hours to attend a meeting, the best way is to hire luxurious chauffeur driven vehicle to make your journey less stressful. With a corporate chauffeur service, you can focus on your work while travelling without worrying about routes and traffic jams.

Knowledgeable chauffeurs familiar with the roads
Chauffeurs are well trained, knowledgeable and know all the areas of the city. By taking the most convenient and easiest route, they can reduce your travel time. The professional chauffeurs know the city better than you, so they can advise you about the best places to meet your clients or enjoy some social events. With their humble behaviour and superb professionalism, they offer you the best service and support throughout your busy working day.

No hassle and save time

With a chauffeur, you don’t have to think about parking, routes, license, traffic etc. You just need to tell them when and where you want to go and that’s all. Sitting at the backseat of your vehicle can do your work and plan the agendas of your meeting. When you hire a chauffeur driven cars you just need to inform the company and they will plan out everything.
There are several chauffeured services providing companies who can arrange a luxurious vehicle as per your wish. From SUV, limo to BMW they have every type of cab to suit your budget and requirement. All you need to do is to choose the most suitable one as per your requirement.

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